Im not doing very well at all :(

Ok i been up for over 30 hours. I smoked weed on january 27th. I feel really messed up. Im very scared of ending up in psych ward. My friend who was in the psych ward said jail is better then here… at least in jail u see the odd fight… in this psych ward all there is to do is stare at a wall and think…that psych ward is my prison… can i get some advice what should i do to get better… im depressed i am done with weed for life. I gotta avoid weed like the plague… i let my dad down and that really bothers me…how can i get better??? And advice??? Thank you

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I hate how everyone on this site despise me… i need help. Really ■■■■■■■ depressed

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How do you feel messed up exactly? Are you a danger to yourself or others?

Cheer up @reignoverme, you’ll be fine.

It takes times to heal.

So you smoked some weed and triggered issues. At least you learned it’s not something you should do. You’re going to be ok. What exactly is going on that has you worried about the psych ward?


I dont despise you dont even know you. All i can say is stay away from the weed man that will make you very psychotic. I used to smoke weed everyday before i got ill id live a fat spliff but its just not worth it


What makes you think that? Do you have any examples or evidence?
Maybe people like you. It’s possible.

@reignoverme, My rule is that if I am up for 72 hours or more, I either call my pdoc or go in to the ER.

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The best thing to do to get better is not smoke weed, limit alcohol and take your medication. You could also consider social support structures like counselling and group therapy, but the most effective thing to do is take your medication and avoid drugs that could affect it.

Cut your losses. Just make it through this crisis and lay off the weed. Learn your lesson from January 27th. You know exactly what pot does to you and in my own experience from smoking it and seeing countless other people end up like you, the bottom line is nothing is going to change. Anytime you smoke now you will have a bad reaction to it. It will never be fun again and it will never get better.

I don’t know if you smoked it before you got schizophrenia but in my own case, I was a daily smoker in high school. 90% of the time it was fun. But after my diagnosis and I smoked it was never fun again. I freaked out from smoking weed many times, always hoping I would recapture that fun high like it was before I got ill. But nothing ever changed and I would bet good money that it is the same for you.

You have to realize that you don’t need the trouble weed causes; schizophrenia will give you all the trouble you can handle. Weed does not help, it makes things worse. For people who have schizophrenia, smoking weed is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. It just triggers the psychotic symptoms.


I smoked two joints yesterday. Didn’t have a high THC content. One thing of note, I did make sure to eat plenty and rest. I feel fine. Slepte about 5+ hours.

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