I'm not doing so bad me right now


You have such a great healthy look, @Daze. And nice eyebrows, btw. I have to pencil in the gaps in my poor thinning eyebrows…

:heart_eyes: :tada:

Thanks you guys. I’m loved well these days

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I’d post a selfie but I feel like I’m getting fat again from all dem chicken wings and fried chicken. No one seems to mind in real life but I’m self-conscious about my lack of photo-genicness. Good on u daze

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Oh not at all honey.

You always look good.

I just didn’t want to deceive I’m starving to death

really I look terrible. I’m going on a diet soon I think. At least I’m gonna replace chicken wings with grilled chicken
burritos with salad

although I think I look like a scrub when I wear a beard, I need to shave, so that would help. I’ll do that now.

here I just shaved now I look 100x better


and you can see my beautiful view of the evergreen trees outside