I'm Not Christ...I'm Not the Devil...I'm

Captain Stubing from that 70’s show, The Love Boat…

That’s what I kept telling my nurses and doctors during my last hospital stay. I even made a Captain’s hat for myself. Needless to say I got some strange looks!


Some girl said she was lady gaga

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What was that guy with the goofy short shorts and always prancing around that hot blond steward, I think his name was Gopher or something, I think I am that guy LOL ■■■■ were showing our age and level of Television programming. No wonder grunge happened in the 90s.

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During one Ward stay my nurse had a tattoo and there was a plane flying over the hospital…

So I said to my visiting bro, “Don’t you get it?? Tattoo!! Zee Plane! Zee Plane!! They think this hospital is my Fantasy Island!! They’re all making fun of me!!!”

My brother just put his face into his hands and said, “Oh man!”

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I remember tellling some guy I was an alien. He just looked at me all confused. He was chill about it though. I’m like “you probably think I’m crazy” he was like “nahhhh”. But seriously he was chill about it, i dont think he thought i was crazy, only what I was saying was crazy. I like sat him down and had “news for him”…that I was an alien. Was interesting times. That was before I believed in my diagnosis.


my life is still interesting, I stopped believing in my diagnosis when George Bush got voted into the presidency. If he is the number one man and leader of the free world, then they must be wrong about all the labels and titles they give out so handily. I am mickey mouse I was born a block from Disneyland 4 days after xmass in 1968, Thats all the paper work I need LOL Certifiablly Mickey Mouse.


Check out this video, its on topic, lots of people have delusions regarding what they are at certain stages of psychosis.

What am I ?

What have a i been ?

I have been the child
I have been the vitcim
I have been the slave
I have been the red silk girl
I have been the worker
I have been the healer
I have been the fighter
I have been the Angel
I have been the pet

What I am now ?
I am the shapeshifter Always changing myself to the wills and wants of others.

never to myself, the choice of being “just be youre self” How to do that when myself its unknow,
Having failed being myself. always guided by others. For now its my choice, being its a choice.

I am the Fae, free of spirit, free of the world for my world mirrors the world of morals, i am the changeling to each form to as will, spirit to whim as is the born of gaia, one of the last of the fae, for what am i? i am fae spirited.

Basicly I am everything and Nothing all at the same time. Is a old writing form some years ago. So right now? tonight i have no idea.


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Hah… from what I heard some guy IS lady gaga :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hahaa At first when I saw this I thought I had posted that .

Good work. Sinister :slight_smile:

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Watched it. Doesn’t line up with my experience.

In my case Jesus took over my body and mind and then would proceed to yell at people that they are idiots for not believing it was jesus using this body as a vessel.

And it would morph between that and back to my own identity sometimes in rapid succession.

Extreme rage was also involved out of fear of various other things

Jesus told me it was a new gift called “the gift of transference”

I even felt him blow in my ear to shut me up from telling them what was happening.

Totally bizarre and I know looking back it is obviously delusional behavior.

Needless to say I don’t believe in that crazy jesus character anymore

The last thing I’d want to be is jesus that’s just screwed up

Me too. It was trully tiring.
This woman approached me when I talking to myself on the street and said jesus saved her and he could save me too. I yelled: “I never saved you! You saved yourself!”

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So I was walking in the park a while back, and this young guy was talking to himself and I pretty much am guessing he also has schizophrenia but has no insight. He started talking about what gods favorite things are and saying that he knows because he is God. I asked hime if he had a spare cigarrette. He then proceeded to ask me, Do you believe in god?
I siad “No I do’nt.” He got all butt hurt and walked away.

I had a conversation with a person that was trying to reason with me, with no luck. He asked a bunch of questions and I always replied as god. It was crazy, not my proudest moment.

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Ya minni, I would agree, reasoning is hard when you think you are the allknowing God :yum:.

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