I'm not ashamed I live in an adult foster care home. I'm proud of it

The opportunities to learn from different people here are endless. As in families, there is a sharing of the responsibilities as one is able and not before one is able. That gives me time to heal any setbacks I suffered. I have never felt more confident about my future than what I’ve learned from this home and this forum. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


There is nothing to be ashamed off needing support. I live in supported housing with other people with disabilities and I’m very happy here. If I lived alone with this Covid19 I would likely be very lonely but here there are always people around for company.

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I’m not one to judge. I’ve lived in a few group homes.

I lived 8 months in a hospital. After that experience, pretty much every other type of living situation I’ve been in or heard of looks like paradise.

Yes. I was in a state hospital for about that long and it was dismal. Nothing happening day after day. All I remember is it was while Gerald Ford was trying to get elected and I bought a colorful jersey on a single trip out in the world. I’m so glad to be somewhat manageable, now.

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Yeah, most hospitals are boring. I was in the era of Gerald Ford and Reagan too.

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Isn’t Carter the one who defeated Ford? I liked Carter, still do.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was Carter; I liked him too. Unfortuately, a lot of people think he was one of our worst presidents, but he did accomplish many good things.

Rosalyn was an active supporter of mental health work.

I liked her too.

Why do some people think Carter failed?

I was earmarked for at best a group home , and at worst a long stay ward , before I met my wife in psych hospital .

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I think it was the Iranian hostage crisis, mostly. He looked ineffective while that was going on. As you well know, it was during the Cold War, and people wanted more decisive leadership in order to keep Russia at bay. But he did get every hostage out alive. He also got the Camp David accords, which helped the situation in the Mid-east. Personally, I still believe we needed more decisive leadership because of what was going on with Russia at the time.


good to hear
you r happy with your life :wink:

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My sister lives in assisted living she’s only 56.
She got some kind of brain disease and lost control of her body and needs to be feed and wheel chair. I used to visit her all the time but can’t with this Covid.
I met many different people there some are quite intelligent and just like the good food and not having to take care of anything.
It’s an expensive one, my brother in law takes good care of her. Her kids have to visit by FaceTime.
Her son has Asperger’s and has been in a assisted living community but he’s quite bright but will never be able to work probably.
Many people need support and that’s just normal.

From what I remember, the Iranian’s didn’t release the hostages until Reagan took office. They deliberately waited just so they could make Carter look bad.

I read that in a book too. I don’t think this author said it was deliberate so much as it was luck. At any rate, it did rob Carter of the credit for bringing the hostages home safely and made him look bad.

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