I'm not alright today

Woke up sick, with a fever, and that always flares up my symptoms.

I was having a great dream, vivid and really cool, with flying abilities and all of that. I woke up from that dream at 7 am, slept for a bit longer and then a gory horrible nightmare began, full of blood and murder and someone was trying to say that I was the murderer because I have a mental illness.

I know it’s just a dream, and it means nothing, I could never do anything like that to another human being or animal. I don’t even kill bugs! I’m a good person. Just horrible, just want to forget it.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful sunny day in Amsterdam today and I’m stuck inside the hotel with a fever. Took paracetamol and a zyprexa, and now I feel like a zombie over medicated and with a runny nose.

Hope I don’t stay sick the rest of the vacation days, I was really enjoying walking around the city.

I’m just venting here, thanks for reading. Have a great day everyone.


Aw, that sucks that you have a fever on your vacation. Hope it goes away soon. :slight_frown:

Thanks Tree, hopefully it’s just today and tomorrow I’m better. Sucks because the weather channel on the internet says this is the only day without rain here. My luck!

I hope you get better soon. I spent a few days in Amsterdam many years ago. There is a lot to do and see there.

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I miss your the other post. Do you encounter any language barrier in the Netherlands? Do you speak Dutch as well? Or do they speak Portuguese? (Sorry for my ignorance)

Everyone speaks very good english, not problem with language. I kinda wish they didn’t speak so well so I could learn a bit of Dutch :smile: but anyway, it’s cool. Haven’t found one person that doens’t speak english.


Oh, that means English is very common there. Good to know that.

Ahh, I forgot something about the English Proficiency Index - Netherlands is ranked no. 2 in the world (besides native speaking country).

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I have that dream at least 10 times a year, just our brains being ridiculous, don’t let it ruin Amsterdam!

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Well yeah, it’s not usual for me to have these kinds of dreams, woke up really paranoid believing that something was going to happen while I am here and the blame would fall on me. I’m alright now, it’s over. Told my mom about it, she reassured me it was just a nightmare and nothing more.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling like this today, Minnii - travel is stressful even when it’s fun. I’m glad you’re sticking close to the hotel today. I hope you sleep better tonight.

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Thank you sweety :slight_smile: I’m better now, the meds are effective. I think I’ll be better tomorrow.


I refuse to spend the only sunny day indoors feeling sorry for myself. The meds worked, I no longer have a fever. I’m going for a small walk, if I’m worse tomorrow I’ll stay indoors, at least it’s going to be raining.


Go go! :sun_with_face:

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Sleep, stay wrapped up and warm. Try tea with honey. That’s good you can recall your dreams . Maybe we can meet on the astral plane. Get well soon

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In Scotland people have hot toddies - but they have alcohol in them.

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Be careful not to overdose on paracetamol. Keep an eye on how many you’ve taken.

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I’m taking 500mg every 8 hours.

What’s it say on the box?

Anyway, from the internet:

Be very careful, it’s easy to overdose and then your dead.

Make sure you read the box.

Other than that, I hope things are going well in Amsterdam.

Alright, I won’t excede those dosages. I’ve always taken 500mg every 8 hours and I never died :smile:

I went for a walk, it’s very windy, started to get feverish again, came back to the hotel.

Amsterdam is beautiful.


Feel Better Soon @Minnii! :smile:

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