I'm not allowed to date cause I"m fat?!

and guys are letting me know it. Every single time.

Get in the back of the line I"m charsmatic deal with it!

you baby!

Stop looking at other success and try to bring me down by claiming I don’t deserve it cause I’m overweight cause we all know why Im overweight!

and yeah it doesn’t have anything to do with food! lol.


You can do what you want. You’re an adult.


Do you. That is what most of us do…

People just say stop giving away your money for nothing but some likes. Works around here too.

Be cool. It’s not hate. It’s concern your doing things that will end up causing you harm in the long run…

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If you reduce your caloric intake, maybe you will lose some weight @Juliesft. It has everything to do with food.

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