I'm not a punching bag

Sometimes I get tired of rolling with the punches but then I remember a time when I punched my own self in an expression of frustration with mother who was too cool to approach.

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Better than me, my brother used to hit me every time he saw me.

Did you ever think to hit him back? Because when my brother hit me, he was so tough I did nothing.

I did, but then he would just hit me harder. This is where I learned a good life lesson in the weaker person should never instigate a fight if you value your life.

I also was the fastest runner in my class in grade school, but I got tired of running, so I learned to defend myself.

I still can’t win in a fight with a man, but I sure can make them sweat.
My brother was at my house recently, wanting to arm wrestle, I gave him a run for his money, he called me “Scrappy.”

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