I'm not a proud man, but I am proud that I do the grocery shopping

First thing after coffee went to the grocery store at Walmart to do the monthly shopping…had the cart over the top in a big hill. I am so organized loading the cashier conveyor belt that the cashier said it was a pleasure doing my groceries…made me feel good…anyways…then there’s the unloading the groceries into the car and then unloading the car when you get to the house…Angie puts away the groceries so I feel like she really helps too…don’t get me wrong…Angie does the dishes and the laundry now…she didn’t like how I did the dishes…? anyways…I guess I’m kind of proud that I did that today.


For a long time my partner and mother in law wouldn’t let me do dishes or laundry. They said I didn’t do it right but I told them teach me the proper way to do it. In dont get it 100 percent perfect everytime but at least in try.

I dont shop very much i get nervous about messing up the money exchange


I always hate going to wal mart, but I love the food I get there. it’s really far away for me and they are the only ones who carry the frozen pizzas I like. They also have mini pepperonis to add to them and the best store-brand butter pecan ice cream I’ve ever had. It’s 1.98 per container and is better than most premium brands.


haha. I always found that half doing anything made the ex mrs not ask me again. I’d cook and do laundry but my attempts at cleaning weren’t up to scratch so I got out of that…I used to drink beer and talk to her while she did the cleaning…Winning Charlie!

For the record. I still pretty much do the cooking, yard and laundry here and dad does the cleaning!

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haha Angie lets me cook the bacon and then she fries the eggs and makes the buttered toast every morning for breakfast. that’s about even because it takes a long time for me to do my bacon right. you are so funny @rogueone

@agent101g good for you getting to go to Walmart…I love their low prices on food…so much cheaper than the store closest to us…Homeland. i just wish my marie callender dinners weren’t so popular because I can’t seem to ever get spaghetti like I like. haha like I like? that was funny.


I’m actually going again tomorrow, I need to get Raisin Bran, I love having that available whenever I’m hungry. It’s one of the few healthy things I like.


man, now you’ve got me craving Raisin Bran…haha…whew yeah that is going to be good…I just got done carving up the watermelon into bite sized chunks and refrigerating it again. Angie likes it when I do that…it’s a lot of work…


Wish i could do that. I get well paranoid sometimes shopping - and i hate trawling it home. These days i order online and get it delivered the following day.

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