I'm not a needless doll

One of the first voices I heard said I was a needless doll.

What is a needless doll?

not needing food, clothing, shelter, money, friends, etc.

Was it a common phrase growing up?

Dolls are very beautiful :blush: Maybe that’s what the voice meant?

No. I wasn’t thinking it, I was acting it. It took until now to think it.

Nope, pure delusion.

you should understand that you’re a human being with needs. Good food is great, good sleep makes you better. Try taking good care of your needs.

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exactly. The voice was a result of self neglect.


I’ve also gone through a phase of self neglect. Once I didn’t shower for three days and realized something was wrong with me. Try to take long baths if you can, I enjoy cooking, make your favourite dishes or go out to eat. Sunlight also helps with positivity. I always have my curtains open for sunlight. I’m glad you realize your problem, now you can fix it.

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It’s defiantly the perfect time to learn to love and respect yourself. .

Correcting a lifetime of bad habits is slow work, but I’ve already done a lot.

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Slow, hard work. Your not alone on that. You also don’t have to do it on your own. It’s where a therapist can help and they have the latest update most effective information on how to do it.

“Valley of the Dolls”. At least you’re not hooked on drugs.

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I don’t know about that, Nick. That pill I take in the morning is very important to me.