I'm new at this

Not feeling very good right now, i’d like somebody to talk to

Then ,

If You Feel Comfortable Enough To Do So ,

Share Your Story and Tha Community Mite Be Able To Help …


Welcome to the forum.

Always people on here.

Chat it up.

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I was accepted for treatment by an advocate program for showing a lot of early symptoms about a week ago. I’m not medicated currently, I have four appointments this week, but my peace of mind has been going downhill.

The process is taking a long time, and it’s very hard not to think about.

Don’t get psyched out by the situation.

Trust the professionals and you should come out of this quickly.

I had to hit the metaphorical brick wall of psychosis before I accepted help. Maybe a couple brick walls back there.

Your going to be alright. It’s good your getting help.

You’ll feel better once you’ve had your appointments. Make sure you’re honest about everything when you’re talking to them.

Where are you?

If you haven’t already - here are some lists of early treatment centers - perhaps one is close to you? If no - call the closest one and ask them about other places that are closer to you - perhaps they know of some centers that are not on this list:

The appointments are really hard. I have four in the next two days and I have work tomorrow

I’m in the early stages of treatment. I met with the nurse practitioner for the first time today. Well, yesterday

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Hello Again “misterwaffles” ,

Thine Onli Advice I Would have Rite Now Is ,

If They Decide To Go Throo Tha Route Of Medications Don’t Worri ,

I Honestly Think That INVEGA Is Tha Best Med One Can Receive ,

HALDOL Was A Nightmare For Me Personally ,

But Jus Make Sure To Start An Open Communication Lyne With Your Doctor and Never Be Afraid To Tell Them About How Tha Medications Make You Feel ,

At Worst It if They Decide To Go Without INVEGA At Worst Blah Blah Blah ,

Get Ahold Of Your Doctor and They Will Take You Off Slowly and Restart With A Better Med ,

But Don’t Lose Any Sleep ,

Jus Gather Yoru Inner Peaceful memories and Know That Sometimes It Takes A Village ,

and We Can All One Day , Fynde A Way To Say Hey , To Each Other Once Again In A Safe Awesome Way ,

I Also have An ADVICE THread That May Cure Boredom and Ease Negative Mental Nonsense With Some Of Tha Lynks I Shared There ,

Nyse Ta Meetcha (!!!) .

I’m in Delaware. A close friend was diagnosed at 16, and his mom helped me find an advocate group for treatment and prevention

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The idea of a psychotic break scares me. I have three brothers on the autism spectrum, I don’t really trust my family to be able to deal with a crisis

welcome to the forum :smile:

Hello. Not happy to be here, but happy to have friends. :confused:

This forum helped me a lot, hopefully will help you too. It’s good you’re on that phase though, I also had to go through psycosis to get diagnosed, and that really sucks.

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For the majority of us it gets better ,when I first had serious symptoms like voices and paranoid delusions I didn’t seek help because I thought that they were real so I literally ran from them.

I moved across town five times before I considered that they weren’t real.

Considering you are seeking help early rather than later or never you are doing pretty good,it should get better.

Optimism is great but in my opinion the sooner that you except that you’ve changed maybe for good the sooner you can focus on adapting to the change.

There’s always someone here that is usually very helpful so when you are feeling bad just hang out for awhile and you’ll develop a good repore with people .