Im nervous about going to the dentist tomorrow

Im nervous because most of my teeth are rotted as i haven’t Brushed them since 2019 due to severe negative symptoms. Most of the enamel is gone on my teeth but it’s mainly the front teeth. The back teeth still have enamel. I’ll likely have to have them extracted as root canals are not covered by my medicaid. My teeth hurt a lot to. Sadly im only 21 and will be losing my teeth due to schizophrenia.

I have the same issue of not brushing my teeth on a regular basis. I went in one time, and I hadn’t brushed for like 3 months, so they scraped all the flak of my teeth, wasn’t too fun. So now I’m more diligent about brushing my teeth, which was my only issue at hygenie.

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Yea sadly my teeth are beyond saving. I wish i had went in sooner to get the plaque removed

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