I'm nervous about Case manager

I’m nervous. My new case manager is coming over tomorrow at noon. I’ve never let a case manager get a good look at the apartment. It’s clean but full of animals and crowded. it’s clean to my partner and i’s standards but not my in-laws.

I’m sure it’ll be fine. According to my clinicians that come over, every time I’ve felt bad about how messy my place was they always assured me that they deal with much much worse on a regular basis. Pele that don’t clean up after their pets very well, that leave food to rot on the table, that sort of thing. Truly messy. Your apartment is clean enough. I promise.

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I just keep thinking that nothing I do is good enough. I can’t clean enough, I can’t move fast enough, or I’ll never be well enough


I know that feeling. I feel like my physical health holds me back a lot. Then add in the sz and I can’t keep up with even the loosest standards. But it’s my best, so it’s all I’ve got. It’s good enough for Mr LED, just like your best is good enough for your partner.

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