I'm moving back home

Yup. That’s right. Going back home. I’m pretty excited. Butterflies because I don’t like traveling but other than that I’m pretty happy and excited. I can’t wait to get back to my old life. Kind of my old life, kind of new.

I’m selling everything I’ve bought since I’ve gotten here and only taking back what I came with so I can fit in the same vehicle I came in. I don’t want to get a moving truck. The furniture I bought isn’t worth moving. I’ll miss my desk though, I like my desk. Oh well, I can buy another one later.

My sister is thinking about making a job change so she is fine with me leaving because she thinks she’s leaving too. And where she thinks she’s moving is only 2 hours away from home so we potentially can see each other for holidays and such.

My ex-husband is letting me stay with him temporarily while I wait for an apartment to open. I’m very thankful he’s letting me come back home. I miss my kids so much.


Good for you. Hope everything turns out good for you. :tiger2::tiger2::tiger2:


Best of luck with the move. :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you very much @GrayBear me too

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Thank @everhopeful I appreciate that

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I’m glad you’re going to be with your kids. That’s great! And I’m glad your sister is ok with it. You’re so lucky your ex will let you back in for a while.

Wow best of luck with everything @Leaf

I just got an overwhelming positive feeling about your move. Getting closer to kids is always a good thing.

Thanks @ZmaGal @Wave & @GEDchill I’m feeling good about it


Good luck to new adventures @Leaf. Sounds like it’s a move you really need and being closer to family is so good. Wish you the best.

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Thanks matey mod

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