I'm more symptomatic around 4 - 6pm

I have this urge to duck all activity around 4 to 6pm and hide in my bed. Idk why it’s reAllly weird. I also feel significantly more stressed out during this time. Idk why, it’s messed up.

Maybe it has to do with diet or sleep schedule.

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Maybe idk. I think it has to do with the fact that everyone’s coming home from work and I’m that bum smoking outside his parents house so I have to hide… Lol. Nah I’m jkin I don’t reLly know. It’s weird though.

Hah that’s how I feel in my neighbor hood. Or at least when I was smoking cigs. I’d be on the porch all day and everyone was busy with their lives. People do seem to mind their own business hear.

Yeah it sucks… It’s just another thing that keeps you down.