I'm manic all over again

I had all kinds of weird physical symptoms with high mania before I started taking depakote.

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I take depakote. Maybe not enough

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My female voice has been trying to get me off depakote, but I wouldn’t want to go thro a two month manic experience again. I felt like I went to heaven and hell with physical stuff

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How are you now?

Same question. How are you now?

Little depressed, having pressure in my head and get occasional auditory hallucinations from people.
I could probably cope with all of those with an antidepressant.

I hope you find relief!

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Same to you 5555555

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Thank you @Ale!

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I want to fuucking die. My boyfriend said he wanted to throw a glass at me and wish I would fall off the face of the Earth. Fuuuck the E.r. can someone say something to me that will get me out of this complete hopelessness, feeling trapped. I wish I never ended it with my peer support. I needed that extra support. My bf said he couldn’t look at me, he has no compassion for me and he said I’m nagging him. I CANT FUUUCCKKING TAKE IT

I’ve been taking L - theanine, and it has been helping me. I posted about it just a couple minutes ago. One thing I didn’t mention is that I am sleeping better. I usually sleep for a few hours, wake up for about an hour, and then go back to sleep. It’s getting to where I am more on a regular schedule. I sleep six or seven hours, stay awake for five or six hours, and then sleep another six or seven. It’s a relief to me to be getting better sleep.

Well I overdosed on Klonopin like a half hour ago. I didn’t take an excessive amount

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