I'm making my own thread

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Hi :fire: your thread is a blast :balloon:

i know :joy: invite your friends

@Sarad disappeared. might go to bed now :sleeping:

I won’t play with you erasers

Sam deleted his so mine didnt make sense anymore lol. This forum would be boring without you.

Good night cutie :smile:

Well im staying up but if you’re going to sleep then gnite :v:

what the heck does this mean?

it means lets make this a music thread!

no!!! this will not be a music thread.

and i hate cake. well actually they have one good song but i hate cake!

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Bwahahahaha yea. Make it a music thread.

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Hahahahahah lmao.
There’s more exciting things here… If you know what I mean. :smile:

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Anyone else still on here?


I’m gonna go for a 2.5 hour walk. I had french fries for lunch. seriously struggling with my appetite :worried:
I would run but it’s too HOT. I’m gonna leave in an hour, come back at night, shower, maybe watch a movie!

@Flameborn how was your day? what are you up to?

Got an hour and a half of yardwork ahead of me then im just gonna relax.

Its hot here too i hate it

The sweat out running felt great. Hope you get that yard work done. Now let’s all have homemade sghetti.


It’s 92 degrees Fahrenheit where I live. Feels hotter for some reason. Humidity is only 30%.