I'm losing faith that people love me

I don’t think most people really know what love is, and just believe that’s what they feel for me.
I know people care for me. Are dependent on me. Find me funny. Like me. Enjoy my company.

But I’m starting to doubt anyone truly loves me.


That is a very classic sign of being trapped in an abusive relationship.


I feel that way about everyone, not just my SO. In fact he’s the only one who nearly has me convinced he loves me.
I feel it about Family members, friends, etc too.
It doesn’t make sense to me why someone should love me.

I have friends who tell me they love me. But do they really? Or do they just like me.
I’m not convinced.

That is what I mean. Abusers will convince you that yoy are unloveable, and only they can ever face the trial of loving you. It is a tactic to isolate you from everyone who can help you escape them.

He’s never tried to do that tho.
He keeps reminding me they love me when I say I doubt anyone does.

I really think I’ve painted him in a horrible light on here.

As they’d say in Norway: “you can’t take my words for good fish”

No one has told me I’m unlovable.
Except my brain.

@Miika Nobody tells me that they love me which is okay. I think that you are loveable and you just need to find right people to your life. Love yourself, they love you and you love them.

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