I'm looking forward to titrating

So right now I’m on only 2mg of Risperidone, and various websites I’ve found claim that the minimum therapeutic dosage for SZ/A is 4mg. So I am hoping that means my pdoc will want to titrate me up this Wednesday when I see her.

When I take it now I don’t feel anything from it. I suppose that is good but I missthe sedating effect it had originally, it almost made me feel kind of drunk-relaxed but minus the stupidity and clumsiness that comes with drinking.

I’ve also noticed that some depressive intrusive thoughts have started creeping back in which has me worried, I hope titrating with fix it again. Last night my mind was convinced that my mother had died in a car crash and one of the entities in my mind was using her voice to talk to me. I cried ridiculously on the couch until I fell asleep.

I hope once I’m up to the right dosage these things will not come back anymore.

I wish you luck. I still get thoughts like that on abilify. I’m only on 5mg as of now (I wanted to take less) and get those awful thoughts too. They are horrid. I had friends over and thought someone had killed them.

I’m sorry that happened to you, mate. Hopefully titrating will fix somethings up. I wish you luck.

2mg of Risperidone is considered low dosage. I took 6mg to 8mg for several years to keep me stable on secular career. Its effect on high dosage can indeed be sedative.

Risperdal is a potent D2 blocker.

4mg is the highest dose I’ve been on.

Many people do well on low doses, since it’s potent enough.

Good luck on 4 mg but be aware that it could induce Akathisia or agitation at this dose.

I can no longer tolerate doses above 3 mg because of Akathisia and Tachycardia - a fast heartbeat.

If she titrates me I will definitely be on the lookout for early signs of akathisia, experienced that with Latuda and don’t want to experience it again, that’s for sure.

But I really feel she needs to either let me try a higher dosage or she needs to give me an AD. She has expressed a firm “no” on me being on AD before, so hopefully she intends to let me titrate.

Yes, good luck with 4mg - you might not experience Akathisia.

Everyone reacts differently to these drugs.

I never heard the word “titrating” before. I guess it means “raising” ?

Yeah like to increase medication in small increments. I heard it first from my last pdoc and just liked the word.

Yeah, it is kind of a funny word, I agree.

My therapist, who seems more on the ball than yours, has me make a list of at least five different, non-catastrophic explanations when I get caught in this loop. She also makes me write down the situation and what the actual explanation was when it happens, and go back and look at old ones.

I told her that no explanation that I came up with would be as compelling as the car accident etc, and she agreed. She said the point wasn’t to convince myself of other options, but to train my mind to think in non-catastrophic ways.

It’s helpful for me. Maybe it might help you, too?

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I think Risperdal is the only ap I haven’t been on, besides the really new ones. It might induce a figurative lobotomy on me. I’m really sensitive to ap’s. It might be worth it just to get rid of the edge I feel. I would try Zyprexa, but it is too likely to give you diabetes.

Zyprexa made me gain like 40 pounds within months lol, it was crazy.

I did not realize how sensative I am to the least bit increases or decreases in my medication.

My doctor is trying to find a dose that doesnt make me sleep and want sleep so much and lowered my meds. I thought I would feel more alive and less like sleeping but I just had more anxiety and psychosis.

I actually feel better on a higher dose than lower, making small increases every two weeks for now.

I’ve been on the same dosage of my antipsychotic med (Perphenazine) for probably more than a decade. Over year and a half ago, I took all nicotine out of my life. You’d think they’d be titrating my medicine down, don’t you?


What dosage are you at and do you change to? also I remember in the past you mentioned your dosage varys throught the year.

I was on 20mg perphenazine max since my relapse. before that I was on only 8mg for almost 20years. My docter tried to lower me back to 8mg by slowly decreasing by 4mg every month and when I got down to 12mg I had to much anxiety and psychosis under stress. now I am currently at 24mg and thinking about maybe going to 28mg. I read that patients should go to the lowest dose that keeps their symptoms controlled while still making progress and they recommended 24mg as a point where any higher dose should be closly monitered.

I craved sugar the whole time I was on it. I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days while I was on it, too.


Yes, I let the doc titrate the dosages.

I have been on 32 mgs. of Trilafon per day for the longest time . . .