I'm listening to songs about "the one that got away" on repeat

Specifically these two :

Now the thing is after oh about 30 years I’m actually over my “the one who got away”. So I have no issues in that area.

So why am I listening to these songs? :thinking:

To be honest I’m a closet “marina and the diamonds” fan (the first one) and I just like the second one.


I feel for you man. I had one who got away. Really ate at me for years. Is hard.

Weirdly though now, for good or bad, I couldn’t care less


That’s pretty healthy when it comes to “the one that got away”

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The problem was that there were no “good” girls in my life.
They all carried a lot of baggage.

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They don’t have to be good to be the one that got away ! I think it all just a bit random really.

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Then yeah there is one I have in mind.
She got away.

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Yay! You’re in the club !

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