I'm leaving the forum for awhile

That last post on spirituality wore me out and I’ve got better things to do than wear my brain out.


Have a good one.:blush: and comeback…

Maybe a break will do you good
Come back soon

who said that wearing your brains out is a bad thing?

I don’t wear my brain out. I only wear it indoors. :wink:


Taking a break cant hurt @chordy - but hope that you decide to come back at some point.

I am noticing lately that there is an increase in sexist and sexually charged posts - not much that I can do, I dont know that flagging such disgusting posts would help.

Best of luck to you.


:heart: take care of yourself :heart:
take care :alien:

aww @chordy you will be missed…I love you.


@chordy I played a hand in that and I’m sorry.

Will be waiting for your return.