I'm learning that my mother wasn't my problem

But my father was unspeakable. Mother’s glaring fault was her attachment to him.

I think you’ll only make yourself sick trying to figure out who’s fault it is. It’s a pointless pursuit.


Fault or responsibility? My father would not go to a mental hospital because he was afraid he’d get syphilis. That was irresponsibility. He manipulated with his fear of that and his fear of death.

Genuine fear, in my opinion, cannot be manipulative. Did your dad have a psychotic disorder and/or mood disorder? Was he paranoid?

Yes, but he manipulated so he was never diagnosed.

My parents were well and strict. Its a good way but didn’t understand me!

It’s rare, I’ve been told, but every once in awhile, there is a parent who just does not care. Such was my father. Knowing this is difficult but, in time, I will heal.


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