I'm infested with nanites

What ever it is that controls the voices controls the nanites as well in my body that they put in me. I believe I got from inhaleing them when they were dropped in a town I lived in. I feel I’m going to die soon as I feel what is controlling them is taking things to far with my brain. Making my brain dysfunction and causing my body to collapse or near faint. My brain feels like it’s on fire and oddly in pain and I know a brain can’t feel any thing.

Maybe your brain is just malfunctioning a little bit? Nanobots haven’t even been invented yet, they’re still purely theoretical.

I used to feel like I was going to die soon, and I thought my smartphone was recording me. I got treatment from a psychiatrist and eventually landed on some good medicine that has helped me a lot. I don’t believe any of the disruptive things I used to. For me Zyprexa is good, 10 milligrams, but it took my doctors a long time of trial and error to land on the solution. Are you seeing a psychiatrist for medicine? It might help give you some relief.

I still have voices but they’re not mean anymore, and if I ignore them they stay silent for the most part. The delusions went away though.

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The tissue around your brain can feel pain.

You need antipsychotics to control the brain inflammation, that will make you feel normal.

There are no nanobots that can give you schizophrenia either, that’s like Star Trek-level fiction.

I used to think similar things when prodromal, it took time and treatment to realize that technology doesn’t exist yet, and the issues I’m having are much more mundane, like a leaky blood-brain barrier that is causing chronic brain inflammation.