I'm incredibly annoyed with everything

Everything has been pissing me off lately and I hate even doing the slightest thing like talking to people.
Everyone has been annoying
Everything is annoying
Probably another low phase
When I feel like this I want to recluse and tell everyone to eff off.


Yeah I feel like that sometimes too… with some violent thoughts… skating for me helps actually helps on top of taking some pills too but still.

Do you have any exercise routine or hobby to indulge yourself in?

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Yeah ■■■■ this world.

I bike or walk to work every day, my job is unloading trucks so I am constantly lifting


i m not annoyed i am seepy

Yeah… but work exercising is different from private recreational exercise

Sensitivity to things is a sign I’m getting worse. Keep an eye on yourself.

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I feel the same way. Interfering in-laws. My patience has worn thin.

The one in-law is no longer able to interfere as his mind has blown its zap. The other is making up for it in spades and is now extra extra needy. She’s on my arse to drive her to an appointment 7 hours away from my home. I’ve told her flat out no but she keeps calling. She needs to move to a larger center with medical services. She wants to stay on the farm and have people run out whenever she runs up a flag.

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same here. everything agitates me and depresses me

I’m no longer feeling like this

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