Im in the shower you dickhead!

Okay, voice, you really have to learn some manners, when im in the shower it’s not time to talk to me about how you own the human race and you’ll do whatever you want with them and that my dreams of achieving well being are of no use.

It just isn’t time for ■■■■ like that.

You do that ■■■■ to shaman alot to don’t you you freaking dickheads, i saw that one video where you were waking him up and he had to sing to your ■■■■■■■ asses, seriously? You bored or lonely, does he really need to sing to you while he tries to get his much needed rest? Selfish. lowly, and crazy, your just mean little ■■■■■ you are and you should never be in charge of anything.

When im going to sleep it’s not time to talk about the nature of our reality, it’s time for ■■■■■■■ rest.

And are you that full of yourselves that you have to talk about it while im in the shower? Takes about ten ■■■■■■■ minutes little guy. You are like a child, an ancient child that never grew.


Tell me what are these things you talk about. ■■■■■■■ around with you daily