I'm in the Doghouse

So my wife was talking to me about something and finished her sentence with “You know me, I always make an impression”

To which I replied…

“Yeah. On the couch!”

My daughters couldn’t stop laughing. When I got home tonight, my pillow was at the bottom of the staircase…meaning I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. lol!


Hon is bipolar and gained a lot of weight on lithium. I probably should not have teased her…but I joke about my own belly all of the time, so there’s that.

We take turns going crazy in my family.

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The last time I said something stupid was when my gf was asking me to help her get a cup of water or something I said “oh c’mon your a big lady. Wait I mean your a big girl. No wait I mean your an adult!! You can do it.” :smile:
The she said I was about to lose one of my balls :joy:

Yeah we razz each other every now and then too lol

I try to steer clear of weight comments or anything. Keeps it simple.

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We’re both so chubby, when Hon and I argue, I tell the kids that Mom and Dad are going to draw a circle and have a Sumo Wrestle to settle it.


Hahaha the kids must love it

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My daughters were very thin and picky eaters when they were young. I told them if they didn’t start eating more, I was going to fax them to school! lol!

One of my daughters told me yesterday in class that her teacher asked the pupils who they admired. My daughter said ‘My Dad’.



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