I'm in the Army Reserves but

I’m in the Army Reserves but every day that I will have drill week end, it means that I have to go to work for them a friday until sunday. I can’t sleep at night and some times I’m only able to sleep for 1 or 2 hours and consider like I should not be there anymore and they are not very supportive. I told them about my condition since like 10 months ago but they haven’t discharge me for medical condition and I feel like it is holding me from doing a lof of fun things. also for been in the military if I commit a crime I would go to military prision and local prison so I want to get out becasue you never know what can happen life is hard. I’m thinking of not going anymore to drill or showing up late. I wonder what is going to happen? will they discharge me dishonorable and screw my life or because I’m mentally ill I can say well I’m ill don’t screw me.

you could go to jail

Just for not showing to the drill week end? that’s unfair. The law will not support me or the government ?

whats drill like? what do they do? i think things get easier

I’m a food service specialist. I just cook and wash dishes and I used to drive to the other military base that was like 4 hours away from home station. But now because they close the kitchen two month ago they just have me helping supply issuing wear and weapons to other soldiers. When we drill home station I used to cook but don’t know what other did because I was always in the kitchen but I think what others were doing is admin stuff and training for MP Military Police. I work for a Military Police Unit. The days they go to the other base that is like 4 hours away they train in the range and other MP things

i wanna do that. ive had like a 360 turn mentally but i still require medicines.

do they use dishes? why did i have an MRE from Dad? do they really have a kitchen? subway from base called me but my mind was being held back from applying myself further they said it was subway on base

when i go to do stuff sometimes it feels like theres a fork in my brain saying stop and i cant continue not sure

We use plastic silverware and plates to serve the food. What we wash is the pots we use to boil water because sometimes we get food that comes in like a square and we just have to put it to boil for like one or two hours. Then we put in in inserts and keep them in the serving line warm with hot water on the bottom of them. Also some times we cook real food so we have to wash what we used to cook them. Like spoons, and all other utensils. Some times when soldiers go to the field they get a MREs as a meal. When cooks don’t have time to cook or need a brake they pass MREs or what I heard is that cooks are supposed to cook two meals and serve one MRE a day. I enter the Reserves becasue I was prior service. I used to be in the National Guard so I was called for a meeting and end up joining again. I was not ill before or did not knew I was sick. You should try to apply there but don’t tell them that you been diagnosed. start as full time and later if you feel like you want to do less hours then tell them you need less hours becasue of your medical condition.

fort knox said i dont work there i will think about it.

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