I'm in such a good mood today!

I feel like talking!

I’m in this bar on my phone waiting for my tdocs appointment and this disabled homeless guy on a wheelchair calls the bartender, but he doesn’t speak Portuguese so I translate and he asks for a latte and says he has no money. I offered to pay for it, the bartender says okay, a few minutes later the owner comes and says there’s no need for me to pay because he’s offering him the coffee.

So great isn’t it?

On another note, I’ll speak with my therapist today about social cues and conversation. I seem to lack the ability to keep a conversation going when I’m nervous.


Oh that’s great to hear…!!!
there are still good people on earth …!!!:om_symbol:

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Great minnii

Me and you both great days!!

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You have good reasons too. Hope that girl is right for you :relaxed:

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You are generous and kind, Minnii.

By the way, is Portuguese in Portugal the same as Portuguese in Brazil?

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Thank you plumber :blush:

No, it’s slightly different. There was a deal made a few years ago and now they teach a more similar Brazilian Portuguese in schools, and written on newspapers and all.


Thank you, too, Minnii. Your country won the first European Cup! It was the news headline of sports here. But I see nowhere you mention it in your topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I celebrated here while the game was on :grinning:

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I am having a good day too. I got what I thought would take weeks of studying to learn done in three days. My vitals are making sense…I tried high-intensity-interval-training cardio with my usual calisthenics this morning…this is good…my heart is healthy again…my brain is on point too.

I keep sleeping past my alarms, I need to cut to less melatonin at bed. I have to see a therapist today, he’s in another county and I hate driving on highways (have been in accidents, and have had friends been killed or injured in other accidents), so I will hire Uber drivers. My parents said to go and that they will pay for it…its a long drive…but a pro needs to know what my situation is…because it was ■■■■ and looking desperate not long ago. Now I am shocked at how well I can do what I try to do…like the healthiest I have been since before I was hit with the break at 18…I am 23.

I am taking today off to take care of things like the psyc and I just did some food shopping…I was studying hard af for three days and well I got my task done early…enjoying a day off basically. I hole up in the study and sometimes spend 10+ hours reading and writing…I think yesterday was 11 hours…I have narrow interests and once I start learning something I find interesting, I can’t stop. I also can’t stop doing things I find worthwhile in general.

Now that I relearned the basics of neuro and physiology and human behavior, I have to read an illustrated anatomy book to see what the stuff I know on paper looks like in reality. Not like gray’s anatomy, no…the psyc student version…

the equivalent of gray’s anatomy psyc people is the DSM, which I practically memorized…and when faced with physiology…we go to colored pencil drawings.

I was pretty bitter about the heart and the meds for the heart not even working…now that that crap is gone…looks like I will be alive past 50.

I mean it was sort of shitty to realize that you are trading sanity for a full life…I was good about it, compliant…but that was not fun…it had me deeply agitated…like always angry…and for good reasons…I didnt deserve that stuff. I was cool about it and made light of it by smoking cigarettes and being reckless and taking risks…living fast…because I knew I was gonna be dying fast. I figured to do research and make an impact as quickly as possible…now I can ditch that crap and focus on living…not preserving my views in publications…men who know they are going six deep will usually try to leave something that will outlast them…says Chodorow…in my case, it was science…typical and sad.

Now I can practice and not do much research. One of my best friends is in dental school…another has offers for medical and cant decide…I am doing professional psychology…its nice. I dont feel like I have death breathing down my neck. Another old friend is doing medicine. I like being physically healthy and not just looking physically healthy…

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Happy for you mouse :smile:

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I’m glad you’re having a good day Minnii! I hope it continues for many days ahead :blush:

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Let’s hope so, been so down lately! Had a great therapy session as well :slight_smile:

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You are winning all round today Minnii!

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do u take ssri’s minnii?

Nope, pdoc refuses to give me an anti depressant. I don’t feel like I need it now, last month I did. It’s sza! What am I supposed to do?

ive sza too, and im taking them 15 years…they flood the brain with the happy hormone ‘‘serintonia’’…depression and bi-polar can be part of sza

excuse the spelling

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minnii you could try get a second opinion of another pdoc

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ssri’s are proven that they do work,

Yeah, I’ve been wanting a mood stabilizer because this can easily get out of hand. I’m talking to my pdoc again next week and if he continues to refuse I’ll go to a private one. I don’t know about anti depressant though, I suffer more from mania than depression.

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can you explain mania? 2 me whats it like…is it just not eurphoria? were you enjoy like