I'm hoping that tomorrow I wake up with no pain

I’ve had this infection since last Wednesday. I started antibiotics on Friday morning. I’m thinking I should be good tomorrow. Right now I’m pretty comfortable if I don’t move around and I’m way better than I was even just yesterday so the medicine is definitely working. But I’m starting to get impatient because there’s so much that needs to get done and I’m barely doing anything. At least I got laundry done, and a few dishes.

Tomorrow I would like to get the stuff from my deliveries put up and the boxes broken down and out of the house, I want to make progress on the dishes and I need to vacuum the living room and water the plants. That’s not that much to do, that’s sort of the bare minimum no matter how I feel. I’ve got tons more cleaning and projects to keep me busy if I feel good and have the energy.


I hope that you feel better tomorrow @leafy .

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Hope you feel better! Remember, it’s important to finish the course of antibiotics even after you’re feeling better. Last thing you want is an antibiotic resistant infection!


Hopefully you feel better. It sounds like you have a lot to get done.

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