I'm heckin scared... Potential trigger warning (please don't talk politics)

I have been having bad paranoia about home intruders for a while, and I was getting ready to take my meds to go to sleep and I heard 6 gunshots out in the distance. There’s a prison in our town with FBI training grounds, but it was about 3:30 AM and that doesn’t make sense that they would have come from there. I also live in a partially rural area so gun shots aren’t too rare to hear off in the distance but not this close. This was well within city limits, and the time has me freaking out. I asked my mum if she heard it too or if I was hallucinating and she heard it too.

I’m listening to the police scanner and someone called the cops to tell them about the shots and they are driving around the area.

Needless to say I’m freaked. I don’t know why, I’ve lived in cities where it wasn’t too uncommon to hear gunshots, but in this quiet little town? I can only think of two shootings that have happened here in the 25+ years I’ve lived here.

That must be scary.

We don’t have guns in the UK, but people use knifes instead

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Probably not cool to listen to the police scanner. We too don’t have guns in abundance but you hear things all the time. Some things are better left to the professionals and worrying about them with incomplete information can be problems for the sz inclined.

Hope it’s nothing major. I worry that so much violence with guns but keep your house safe and such.

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Dont let it bother you too much the professionals were aware of it and are addressing it, not worth freaking out over.

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I check in on the police and emergency scanner every once in a while. Takes me back to my days as an emergency medical technician. Lets me relive those highs. You’re right though, sometimes it does trigger me and remind me of some of the worse calls I was on, and its probably not the best to listen to it while I’m symptomatic.

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Much respect. I’ve a cousin who is an Ambulance paramedic over here. Such a great person but does some serious calls all that time. Avoid it if it’s triggering is good. That adrenaline high isn’t too good if your symptomatic. Better to keep things simple. Really helps things no end.


You’re right, I’m gonna turn it off and go to bed. I know my meds will knock me out, but that’s kind of what I’m scared of.

Alrighty, mate, off to bed! Have a good night. (Or day)

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