I'm hearin' stuff

Definitely hallucinating like three radios making a bunch of noise. I’m hearing news that is nonsense. I shouldn’t have taken my ADHD meds so late. It isn’t bad. Just louder than it has been lately. Share current hallucinations so we can help each other be cool.

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I get voices a lot and it scares me because it feels like such an intrusion. Right now I got nice voices saying I love you and you’re gonna be okay but honestly I don’t want to hear that over and over. I just want it to be silent. At least they aren’t insulting me or threatening me at the moment. I just want my inner silence back.

I’m definitely suffering some tonight. If it makes you feel better you’re not alone. I gotta go to the dentist in a few days, and the worst hallucinations I have gotten in a year was last time I was at the dentist. I heard angry voices and demonic laughing last time I was in the chair. I hope it doesn’t happen again this time.

That sounds terrifying. I don’t think I’ve had this happen at the dentist, thank God. Yeah, I’m with you experiencing it right now. How easily do they switch to being nice like that?

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The nice voice sort of takes credit for all the nice things but blames the bad stuff on schizophrenia. It gets mean every now and then for a few hours, but it’s usually not related to anything I’ve done, at least not that I can tell. It seemed to happen less frequently when I was visiting California. I’m hoping once I move and am no longer in a stressful environment it will happen less frequently.

I recently got a med added to my meds, called Strattera that is normally for ADHD I think. It’s a non stimulant and seems to give me some of my focus back.

I’m really interested in Strattera because a problem with stimulants is that they make me have symptoms sometimes. Currently, I take Concerta (methylphenidate).


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