I'm having vibrations in my thigh

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt a lot of one-second vibrations on my right thight.
Kinda like when you get a phone notification, only it’s several times a minute and also happens when I don’t have the phone in that pocket.

What could it be?

Phantom vibration its called dont know how true its.

Yes it happens to me as well.

Hmm. . .

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Oh I get this exact same thing, and I just though it was a weird muscle tremor or spasm. Aren’t bodies weird?

Carrying the cell phone in a different position reduces phantom vibrations for some people.Other methods include turning off the vibration, changing the ringtone or vibration tone, or using a different device altogether.
Found in wikipedia

It’s not phantom vibrations, not at this frequency.
They happen even when I don’t wear my phone or don’t even have pants on

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This could be tardive dyskinesia, you need to let your pdoc know.

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I think it’s a type of muscle spasm. Talk to your dr to see what might be causing that

could also be a sign of dehydration i believe or low potassium. If im remembering correctly.

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