Im having delusions again

I have been having delusions for awhile now…some of them make sense some dont’. The SSI hearing kind of shocked me. The attorney was great so real and the realness it is what triggered me…because she brought up how when I worked at the warehouse I saw my name on all the screens when I clocked in and I had to go into detail somewhat about the delusions, and all the folders that seeemed to tell a story about my life/not the one I wanted to tell.

Ok this is what Im repressing: I have a driver’s license/I paid extra for the real id or federal license that the states were transitioning to and for some reason when mine was printed it was unreadable. each time people tried to scan the id it couldn’t read. so I tried to upload or test out the barcode on the bitcoin I have thru coinbase—odd because it also doesn’t scan. So like I have this delusion that God created me with a code that is unscannable so that the evils of the world wouldn’t take me down…

On a positive note I am sending out love to the universe…and whatever…

Maybe U dont see what I see but I have seen too much like that song by the cure…or deftones or disturbed…couldn’t prove a single thing that I had worth for

Sorry to hear you having delusions…

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<3 I’m fine, I love to write things down and express through poems and art. Idc if I share this lol I am proud because its a art/media/collage that i made with fake dollars and ripped up calenders to represent me in active addiction and delusions.



Its beautiful… Love it !

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Actually what you talked about with your driver’s license it would drive a sane people to question their sanity.

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yeah its very strange…things like this always seem to happen to me…just random weird stuff that doesn’t happen to other people and I dont know how to explain it… <3 but thats ok

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Did you go back to the DMV or Secretary of State and report the issues?

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I emailed the DMV and no one responded. No wait actually one woman did say to go to the DMV and tell them in person. But I don’t have access to a vehicle this second.

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I notice things… but i think its more than weed/vaccine/prozac combined. I mean I had an episode. I dont often have episodes. I used to not have them/was more blocked and apathetic.

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