I'm having a slight episode


Of mania pacing floor all day. I’m going to tell my pdoc. I can’t sit still. Does anyone know what helps?


I think magnesium helps with restlessness, but I don’t know about when it’s mania related.


Does using energy help or hurt? Maybe try a yoga video? Help you focus a little?


Is your mind racing too or just your body?


Both more pacing


Has this ever happened before? Do you think it is your medication or more the Sz?

Also I think @LED is right. The best way to go about it might be some kind of physical distraction. When I first got diagnosed, they put me on resperidol. I couldn’t stop moving at all. So I got this little ball and would toss it between my hands to keep myself busy so I could concentrate on other things.


I ran out of benztropine. That’s what’s going on.but I see my pdoc today.


Try your best to keep yourself busy in the meantime. I’ve been having a lot of restlessness lately as well.


Thanks. Good advice.