I'm having a crisis

So right now I’m having an existential crisis. I feel like someone is trying to kill me. I have this feeling of impending doom. I was reading a story about a BPD that killed her entire family, mom, dad, nephew, and niece. I feel now that my BPD sister in law is going to kill us. :sweat:

She’s not going to kill you I promise. You should be careful what garbage you expose yourself to. Reading and watching violence is bad for you. I can’t stomach any of that stuff. You know what they say, garbage in, garbage out.

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Ok, I’ve calmed my breathing a bit. It showed up on my feed and stupidly watched it. :confounded:

I have a friend with BPD and she wouldn’t kill people. TV sensationalizes things.

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Remember they pick a handful of people who do wrong and paint all those with a diagnosis with the same brush. There will be millions of people in this world with BPD who don’t hurt anyone.

Try not to buy into the media hype around mental illness - it makes us all out to be monsters.


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