I'm having a bad day

Thank you @sweldon001 I’m just hoping this day ends soon.

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put it behind you mate, tell yourself things will get better and hopefully they will,

i’ll pray for you man, that you’ll have better and better days to come :slight_smile:

take care


Thank you @ninjastar I’ll try them now I’m more just depressed than anything else.

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I’d love to put it behind me unfortunately it’s killing me. But thank you I’ll try.


I’m gunna ask valliumprincess for advice anytime I need it. She’s got it on lock.


My last two days have been messed up. Back to normal now though.

Ok so update things are even worse now I’m sick I got in a fight with my mother apparently so now she’s pissed at me. Apparently an alter took over and started ■■■■ and I don’t even know what happened. Ugh but at least I feel pretty numb right now so that’s cool.

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