I'm happy with myself

Managed to get everything in order for this year. I’ve got an almost full-time job. I’ve so far made about $50 a day. Just got a refund check for an appointment in the mail too!! I’m starting to make money and feeling very happy with myself that I’m able to make my family proud. I’ve still had no issues with tickets or car issues. I’ve got a stable car that should last a long time, hopefully. I’m spending within my budget and means. I’ve also managed to prevent being dropped by the insurance by noticing it just in time. So now I’m doing very well. I feel proud of myself. Despite my doctor cancelling for the second time I realized I had a full prescription bottle of my medication so I’m not worried about that either at the moment.

I’m working on being more responsible this year and evaluating my decisions better.


Thats just Awesome @StarryNight - simply Awesome

Thats awesome to hear. Always good to hear when one of us takes a step forward. Works sucks but making money totally makes it worth it.

I’m starting to save towards a new life. I hope to get schooling for a decent trade in the near future. The cost of education should be dropping soon because of President Obama, who in his speech said he has plans for making some community colleges free and more affordable. I’m still uncertain what I should do with my life, but I feel confident that I’m trying my hardest to secure a future. Thanks for the support!! :sunny:


Booyakasha! Respect! Big up yourself. Keep it real.


Great,I read this and it actually gives me confidence that people with schizophrenia can live a life with quality too and most importantly can be happy too



This is great news… It nice to hear that things are working out for you.

I hope all keeps going well for you.

Congratulations. :thumbsup:

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