I'm happy today

I feel happy.

I have residual sadness

But overall

I feel happy.

Hmmm could I be manic :laughing:



Holidays… Make me happpeeee

Last pic :100:


Nice to meet you Mae!

If you ever want to chat I’m here


Nice to meet you too Bumble

It’s always lovely to see a face to a forum member :smiley:

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Lovely to meet you, I will look out for you on the forum x

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Aw you’re sweet. :100:

You look really youthful for 43 BTW.

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Thanks Mae!
How are you today mate?
I’m feeling a bit better now my sleep is more back to normal. I fell asleep for an hour this afternoon but I should still sleep tonight.
Xmas was okay, had a lamb dinner, hubby dropped his plate of veggies on the floor. He has arthritis in his hands etc.
I went to costa this morning, it was nice just to get out for a change. Weather’s rainy all week now and I Don’t really go for walks in the rain. I live in UK, where are you?
Chat soon :+1:

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I am glad you feeling upbeat @Zoe I’m not sure it’s mania but always best to keep an eye on it… :smiley:

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I’m also in the UK.

Would love to say where but I get paranoid about that.

Hope the weather clears up so you can go for walks.

Or maybe if you find suitable rain proof clothing.

Went out for jog this morning was pretty happy about that.

My pace was very slow though cos of medication and the effects on me.

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Thanks Ish.

I seem to have gone back to normal now.

I think it was just because it was the start of my holidays so I was feeling relieved.


You look great @Zoe

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Thankyou @abise, so do you in that pic I saw.

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Did you have a good Christmas @Zoe ? :slight_smile:

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