I'm happy to be nearly free from delusions


I’m still not free of life after death ideas…
I just wanna know! I just can’t help but feel like wat if this or wat if that or what if this…
And also god things us being connected to everyone somehow… It might be true in some way I dunno but I haaate how wen I’m fully psychotic I feel everyone is too connected to me it’s so off putting and depressing. It makes me wanna be seperate. Like to a good good amount.


Great that you’re well on your way to recovery.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the life after death beliefs, they seem harmless. I have one and it makes me feel safe, even.

As long as it doesn’t drive you to self harm it seems OK.


Thanks naturallycured BTW I love ur profile name it’s nice.


Thanks, yours is nice too.


I get unusual beliefs about connections due to quantum physics and just universal feelings.
I think with more reading on quantum physics I can get opposite ideas too to balance it out.


Glad you are doing well @Butterflyy. As long as they are just ideas and you know it could be something else as well you are fine. Could just be an active imagination lol. Are you finding work ok?


Thanks @admiralbarkley
work is alright…just surviving it a the moment lol, I would like to get to a stage where I enjoy it more, but it’s fine for now since I can choose how many hours I wanted so I can’t complain.
Except that he keeps changing my shift time at the moment but I guess I can’t have everything.
Hope you’re doing well too


Yes , I am ok thanks. Does that mean you can still apply for housing benefit?


Yes I can cos it’s not full time that I’m doing…but it’s so hard to find somewhere to live that I wanna live cos with housing benefit you can only apply once you’ve moved to the new location and things so people are not easily accepting housing benefit people. So haven’t moved yet…might take me a year to find somewhere who knows.
Glad you are ok :slight_smile:


Hey @Butterflyy my forum cake day twin (well, almost). Glad to hear you are feeling well


Great you are happy. We all just want to, be happy. I am happy to at this moment. I don’t know how long a moment is.:heart_eyes:


…thanks thecircleoffiths :)…when is your cake day?


Good to know your doing better @Butterflyy


Hope it’s a long moment of happiness for you. :slight_smile: I had some good old ice cream to help me out too
these unusual beliefs are still there but for some reason they are not stressing me out as much as before so yay. I’ll see how long that lasts


Thanks John, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Whats your secret? Cos im sorry to say im still happily deluded in mine. Real life is boring. I been prefering my head lately.

Sounds a bit bad i know - but 30 years with them is a bit bloody hard to let go of!

Glad your feeling better - I might just start calling you a “normie”!! lol x


@Butterflyy It’s so good to read this about you :slight_smile: I had common delusions in the past but not unusual.


February 18th. Yours is the 17th.


In my profile thing it says I’m the 18th.were cake day twins :).


Thanks Shifter :slight_smile: