I'm happy a soccer game is on

Tottenham vs Rochdale are coming on in a couple of minutes. I’ve never heard of Rochdale before. Playing teams out of your league seems really weird to me. I’m going to eat some blueberries, drink green tea, and have some nicotine lozenges. I’m a lucky person.


I love to watch soccer and listen to the reporter’s voice - makes me feel good inside. And I used to play Premier Manager 98 back in the days - which introduced all the English football teams to me. Football is the most popular sport on this planet. Me likes.


It seems to be the perfect sport. It’s not too long, not very many commercials with lots of action. I really appreciate a good striker, but I really don’t understand much about the other positions. Midfielders seem to make everything work and I really don’t understand exactly what they do. If I had played soccer growing up though I would probably have been a defender. It’s great stuff. I played Fifa on Xbox a bunch about a decade ago.

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They all (teams) have their own tactics and sometimes a defender can be a lot more than just a defender. Middle-players usually try to keep the pressure on and keep the ball moving to the ´key-players. I’m by no means a total expert though. But yeah, this game is incredibly exciting.

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That’s some good analysis @deepndark

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This game looks pretty one sided already. Tottenham just scored 6 minutes into the game pretty easily. And somehow the goal was just disallowed. It’s a game again.

i’m watching the game too. I’m not sure what the FA Cup is, but it looks like a tournament between English teams from all divisions

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I’m confused how it is determined of who plays who.

idk either 1212

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It seems to be snowing and everyone is wearing short sleeves.

Oh just noticed a lot of people with sleeves. Whoops.

I’m in class right now (break since it’s a 3 hour class). Would much rather be watching a soccer game!

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3 hour class, wow. I hope to only take classes around an hour when I go back. Soccer is great.

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Alright thanks @Chess24 You seem to be very wise.

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