I'm hallucinating from exhaustion

I’ve haf an exhausting couple of weeks, and last night I had to pull an all-nighter. Which means I couldn’t take my meds or I’d fall asleep.

I’m dizzy and feel slightly inebbriated. What’s worse is I’m pretty sure I’m hallucinating. I’m having tactiles and visuals, the latter being pretty rare for me.

I know I should leave work and go home and sleep, but I’m behind on a freelance assignment and I absolutely need to spend every available minute for the next 36 hours on trying to make the deadline.

Idk what to do.
My roommate is the only one who knows about my condition, but I don’t want to bug or worry him.
I still have 6 hours left of my shift and I’m honestly not sure I can remain coherent until then.
But I feel I should try?? Roomie will probably say it’s my own fault for all-nighting anyways.

What could I do?
How do I say I’m in bad shape without sounding whining, attentionseeking or outright crazy?

You could always just say you’re feeling super under the weather without giving specifics.

Work puts a lot of pressure on us, even more so with pulling all-nighters.

It really sounds like you just need a day to recharge.

No shame in that.

Best of luck :dizzy:


Is there any way to extend the deadline? Like call the client and tell them you are not feeling so well and may need a couple extra days?

All nighters are brutal on health for ‘normal’ people, you are absolutely not whiny or attention seeking this is real sht. Ive ended up in the hospital twice from lack of sleep causing me to go crazy

You do what you have to to survive and make money to stay afloat I get that, but if theres any way you can spread it out more so you can get some sleep I would try it


I’ve already had to extend it once and reassure the client that extention was enough

Hugs. No shame in needing to recharge. :heart:

I feel like this too. Work can be excruciating. Hang in there my friend.

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I pulled an all nigher several weeks ago because I accidentally took cholesterol pills instead of my sleeping pills. I didn’t sleep all that night and had to go to work the next day. I was tired but I pushed myself through it.

The post says you posted this 5 hours ago so I guess you have 1 hour left. If you’re still at work just push yourself through it, go home and get a good nights rest tonight.

I know you have a deadline but if you push yourself too hard, and your exhausted, you work might suffer as a consequence. I have absolutely brutal insomnia and sleep is sooooooooo important.

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