I'm "half a man trying to be a whole one"

I’m pretty sure that the quote

“half a man trying to be a whole one”

comes from the movie “Dangerous liaisons” but I haven’t been able to track it down to confirm that! :movie_camera:

But I think it basically sums up where I am with schizophrenia. And that’s the way it’ll remain.

I feel I’ve got to work around my limitations instead of trying to get rid of them I think.

I’m stable. I don’t feel so bad. I’m happy with my meds and supplements. ( It’s taken 10 years to get to this point.)

I think I just need a proper routine or some occupational therapy now.


I have a hard time accepting the things that don’t seem to change about my condition. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn how to just be ok with the way I deal and experience the world. It feels like I’m always adjusting or trying to adjust. It’s exhausting. Im gonna spend most this week alone at home and doing stuff for me this week instead of day treatment. That’s my remedy for what I’ve been dealing with lately. I have a routine but it hasn’t been making me happy lately.

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I really like this approach you have here. I’m going to try and implement it within my life also.

This is my favorite post from you ever. This really helps me want to recover what schizophrenia has taken from me. And then keep adding to my life until I am the whole person I want to be. My parents see I am truly becoming more happy with myself. And I am becoming a source of happiness for them to get happiness from.