I'm good,I know it now

Never knew I would say it to my self.

Always thought that I am problem,but it isn’t so.
Troubles that changed the course of my life
were hard.
I’m doing my best to remain sane,and know
now,that it’s all up to me.

I’ve been always surrounded by people
who didn’t understand me,or what is worse,ignored every part of me that is good,abuse and rejected
what ever could touch their lives to point of discomfort.

It’s all up to me to stay away from that evil that dependence of material life brings.

I’ve been gratefull,but it’s not enough.

They,my rest of family will never accept me.

Not to go too deep,I’m thankful to God for all that I have,life that is given to me.Only me…

This goes to @LED ,one person that could probably know what Im talking about…


I’m right there with you. Only I can make my own life worth living.


I woke now at four am,and had a dream that I was part,just me,of something bigger,bigger picture.

Like my egzistance has purpose…


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