I'm gonna Jinx it, but I'm so excited

Weather here is warming up, I’m excited, I might re-subscribe to the YMCA and get back to swimming and working out.

I just feel like this winter coupled with covid has been oppressive.

Maybe a few more down turns left in this winter but I think we’re over the hump or we’re in fools summer and I’m just happy that the word summer is there at all.


I like swimming too.

Recommend getting a smart watch for it, as it really is interesting to see the stats you get. Especially on the Apple watch and iPhone - the activity tracking on that is really good.

Usually I do 600m 4x a week, but we’re in lockdown and the gym has been shut since Christmas, and won’t open again until April 12th!!! :poop:

Covid has made it a tough year. The YMCA membership sounds like a good plan

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