Im gonna ask for the lowest dose

So, i just figured that abilify was not the culprit in making me ■■■■ my pants. It was actually from working out til complete exhaustion that was causing it. I think it may be from the running aswell.

Anyways, when i see my doc again im gonna ask for the monthly injection of abilify at the lowest dose. My schizophrenia isnt really that bad most of the time, but the current risperidone injection im taking has really been slowing me down while not helping as much. Im gonna try schedule a doctors visit soon than the when my next appt is suppose to be, way in September.

I also hear the side effects are not as bad as pill form.

Does anyone have any experience with abilify injections?

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Yes I’m on abilify injection. The switch to it went fine. Also it has little side effects.