Im going to wait to tell him about it

The guy I am dating- I am going to see my therapist this week and seek his opinion on when I should tell him about my diagnosis. Him not having a clue that I am schizophrenic just shows how far in recovery I have made it, and I almost dont ever want to tell him, but for me to feel honest I am beginning to think he needs to know. We communicate a whole lot and by now I am wishing he knew and wonder if he would still like me if he knew. I talked with one of my schizophrenic friends from school last night and he said to tell him, but he is a little too open about it and even has a Japanese tattoo meaning “lunatic”.

But I have got to ask the professional first. I am no doctor. Might be within a decade, but dont even have a bachelors right now, working on that. Lol.