I'm going to try and go to a singles night out

i’m going to try and go to a singles night out, hoping to meet someone, trying to find someone to go with though, it says i can invite 3 friends so i am hoping that my sister and my friend Alison can come because if i cant find anyone to go with then i dont think i can go :frowning:

couple of big hurdles i have to deal with is if i meet anyone is i am worried how my friend Alison will take it as we are really close and also i might feel a bit upset if she meets someone but i think i would be happy to see her with a nice guy also if someone asks me what i do for a living and what i am like i think i will just say i run a bnb from my flat lol,

impotence is a big factor as well but i am not going there just for sex if i manage to go in the first place.


That’s great daydreamer, good luck!

Go for it, friend. Talk it over with Alison before you go. If she’s the one you like, why would you be going anywhere to meet someone. More platonic relationships?