I'm going to talk like an American!

I can’t edit my previous comment in this topic so I have to add a new one.
That post was euphoric.
It was completely detached from reality unfortunately.
The reality is I try to improve bit by bit, can’t even think of a job or proper studies at this stage.
It is 5 In the morning and I didn’t sleep yet this night.

what’s up yo?
got a new car yo!
got myself a new porshe too yo!
a guy wanted to fight and I said no, yo!

i’m american

I’m afraid of Americans…God is an American… (David Bowie)

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lol lol good one lol lol

So I saw an AUTOMOBILE while getting out of the ELEVATOR. It nearly knocked over a TRASH CAN. Luckily nobody was putting out the GARBAGE at the time.

so I saw an …AUTO? while getting out of the LIFT. it nearly knocked over a BIN. luckily nobody was putting out the RUBBISH at the time.
that’s my guess at @everhopeful actually saying the same… was going for Englands English but not sure on any of it really…lol…not even sure where @everhopeful hails from…lol…I have no real guess at any other countries common terms for these words… what would it look like in Australian ?


“Americans” talk funny all over that gosh dang place, depending on where ya’ at.
Sum places ya cain’t iven unnerstan’ em et all.

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I haven’t had this much fun since the pig ate my little brother.



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that was something I heard as a country joke.

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You mean the rubbage bin was empty? Lucky you?

I try taking my motorcar to the lift but they wouldn’t have me trying to get my articulated lorry off the ground.


They never allow trucks in the lift, they must always use the stairs.

I’m gonna build me an airport. I probably should find the clip but it is from arrested development.

Also I blue myself.

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And you admit it?

It is from “arrested development”.


That same as what you have written for everhopeful, but we say car.