Im going to send everyone on the forum 10 dollars

April fools hahhahaha. Keep trying people. Have a great day!


Zimbabwean dollars maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Donate mine to the Foundation for the Preservation of Tribbles.

What is that like goat shavings…you would have to send us 3500 pounds of goat shavings to roughly equal 10 dollars.

hey, goats are awesome…I worked on a goat farm as a kid (pun intended) and they were so cool. Goat shavings are more like $1 a pound I think, depends on the goat! try to keep in mind Cashmere is made from goat fur and is ‘shaved’ off and just think about how expensive those sweaters are!

Cashmere is goat fuzz lol ok so he would still have to send like 10 pounds of goat shavings…if they were fancy goats who pooped sweaters…

ah you sheister ■■■■■■■!!!