I'm going to hell

The worst one. Burning for eternity. Life seems easier now that I accepted it.

I’m scared of the same thing

I have a reason though. If I become the dictator I’ll go to hell.

You won’t become a dictator

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I hope not. But I heard a voice that said I would. I heard other voices and truly believe they were government agencies. I just don’t think I’m schizophrenic. My boyfriend doesn’t either. Only my family does but they’re not that bright and only see half of the story and all my hospital stays.

Hell may not exist. You worry for nothing.


Voices aren’t known for telling the truth

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I had visions of it and I really can tell the difference between psychosis and reality. I’m not psychotic.

They told the truth one time and have never for me at least proved they lied.

Its psychosis. No one can see hell.

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Saints have seen visions as did these religious children.

If you are a saint, why would you be worried about going to hell?

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I’m not a saint.

But you’re not a Saint, you’re just a regular patient of schizophrenia.

Then what makes you think your visions are real?

What makes me think they’re NOT real?

I had religious delusions and thought I experienced miracles, saw heaven, etc Now that meds work I know that it was my schizophrenia.


Well, lets see. You are on a Schizophrenia website for starters. So you were probably diagnosed Sz or something similar.

Also, you just admitted that normal people (non saints) don’t have visions


There’s no proof this place even exist

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I didn’t admit normal people don’t have visions. I just found an article on a NDE that was hellish by a normal person.