I'm going to go into selling ping-pong balls at retail

It seems like it might be lucrative. I think I will corner the market by selling strawberry and pineapple scented ping-pong-balls. I already have two financiers who want to invest and are wiling to lend me the money so I can…

Ah crap, this post is so stupid I’m not even going to finish it


I’m going to get into selling Christmas trees. :evergreen_tree: I’d have most off the year off. :smile:


Reminds of when I was sharing a room in the hospital in 1981 and my roommate offered me a chance to sell Christmas trees. He used to drive up to Oregon with a rented Semi truck and fill up a trailer with trees because they were so cheap up there and then drive back to California to sell them at a huge profit. I told my dad about this plan when he visited me and I thought that he would dismiss the plan and think it was a bad idea but he said it would actually be a good thing to do. Unfortunately, the guy got out before me and I never saw him again.


one of them is funding me too:

Same with Easter eggs… :smiley:

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